Hoen Music , a glory worship movement under the Heaven on Earth Nation , is a ministry Focused
on manifesting the glory of God through the tool of worship , praise and thanksgiving.


1. To express the love of God towards the nations through our Ministry , and to show to
them the excellency of this love towards us
2. As a worship Ministry to Cultivate the Atmosphere of Heaven in our Ministrations , that
men will literally have encounters with the Manifest glory of his presence.
3. To be a voice of Revival through worship in these last days , towards the coming of Christ.
That through our ministry men will long and desire to serve the lord with their gifts and
4. To contribute to the growth of the mother ministry , and to also engage in active soul
winning and works of Charity


Our Ministry is centered on the theme of Heaven Agenda towards the Earth. That the culture of
Heaven will be witnessed evidently here on this earth

Bethel Hillsong Experience

This is a beautiful moment of glory in the presence of our King by whom the whole earth consists. The bethel hillsong experience is an annual worship experience about the Glory, the Beauty and the excellence of the Praise of our Lord. If you want a platform to praise
the lord , then this is it. This program basically takes the pattern of some of the greatest worship ministries we have, thus Bethel and Hillsong, This program is meant to experience a new and different atmosphere of Worship, quite unique to our own indigenous worship setting. It’s a wonderful experience, and you would want to be a part of it.


This is a moment of intense Glory atmosphere in Worship. The patterns of Heaven concerning the earth realm in the place of Worship is to Behold
him as he is in heaven. We are because he is. This is the source and origin of our Worship. The greatest
declaration of God is “HIS HOLINESS”, the Lord is HOLY. Experience the beauty of worship in his holiness, and be elevated to Experience the Heavens.


Join us today, and experience the goodness and the love of God like you’ve never experienced before.

Church Auditorium
Close to Kwesimintim Hospital Takoradi-Ghana, W/A

+233 55 152 4939
+233 57 327 0126