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Heaven on Earth Nation incorporated is a place of joy, rest, peace and above all a wonderful  a family of Love. We believe in the love of God, the fellowship of the saints, and in the power of the gospel. 

Heaven on Earth Nation.....

HOE is an Apostolic community of believers where the Heavenly lifestyle and culture is engaged in our daily lives. Our earnest desire to walk with God and experiencing His Glory has given birth to untold miracles and profound supernatural manifestations which is only traceable to the handiwork of Heaven. We have made His presence our ever-dwelling place which in His grace has also made us His living temple walking among men.



Apostle Abraham Koomson is an anointed apostolic leader from Ghana, founder and Head Pastor of Heaven on Earth Nation Inc., a bible based Christian ministry in Takoradi, Ghana. Apostle Abraham Koomson is a passionate teacher of God’s Word. He is an author, preacher and minister of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with the mandate and commission to teach and
empower the Body of Christ across the world with Kingdom mysteries and revelations to unveil the rulership of the Kingdom of God on Earth backed by the supernatural workings of the Holy

 Through God’s Grace upon him, apostle Abraham Koomson has nurtured and groomed many young believers preparing them for the Last days Move of God. He is a man that believes in the Love of God as the key and power to reveal and express the fulness of God’s Glory. He started the commission Heaven on Nation Inc., then Heaven on Earth ministry International afterseries of encounters with the Lord and vision from God. His early life was characterized by several visions and encounters even now This led him into a life of prayer and studying of God’s Word 

Through the faithfulness of the Lord, the ministry has campus ministries spread across the various tertiary institutions in Ghana. He is bold and a man of undying passion for God and His Kingdom. This is seen in the early days of His ministry as the outpour of rains didn’t stop him from still having meetings on the school field as he continued praying and worshipping in the rain. Before starting the commission Heaven on Earth Nation Inc., he served in the Methodist church of Ghana in Takoradi. Any one that meets him attest to the fact that, He is divinely Graced by God with in-depth revelation in God’s Word, wisdom and the hand of the Lord upon him. He is also the president of a non denominational youth ministry. For young ministers called SCHOOL OF THE APOSTLES. This body is into raising men and women and equipping them for the last days harvesting of souls and revival. School of the Apostles hold conferences and organizes programs on the various tertiary institution that is across the country, Ghana.

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Would you like to fellowship with us or join any of our department? be it Mighty Men, Frontline Ladies, HOE Choir, Prayer Tower, Technical or Protocool Team, we would be glad to recieve you. Just a notification to [email protected] | +233551524939 | +233576387253 would help us to reach out to you. Don’t be left out in this wonderful service to God. 


Join us today, and experience the goodness and the love of God like you’ve never experienced before.

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Close to Kwesimintim Hospital Takoradi-Ghana, W/A

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