The Mystery of Melchizedek

This is to communicate that the mystery of Melchizedek is at work in the remnant who have come to full comprehension of their assignment on earth and the ultimate goal of Heaven upon the earth. As important as the priesthood assignment is very important, the goal of heaven in the light dimension is to manifest Kings on the Earth. This is to unveil the throne dimension in the Heavens. Amazingly Bread and Wine dimension is not the realm for Priesthood but for Kings yet flesh and blood is to engage the priesthood office. We are not of the generation that is dull of hearing but of them who are quick to hear and to understand. The priesthood ministry is the intermediate call of the church but not the ultimate. We have been called unto stardom which is the making or the formation of kings company. Dominion is our call. He has made us kings and priest. The tabernacle of David is being raised again and the nations shall come in. Jesus died as a condemn king that he might raise glorified kings. Share and bless someone

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