The patterns of the kingdom in attaining heights and relevance is to understand how this kingdom works. Its a demands that if any will demands and ascertain certain growth in some facet of their lives, they must be willing to do the opposite. I have said over and over again when one loose sight of purpose, abuse and meaningless becomes the order of the day but when patterns are lost, frustration becomes the fruit thereof. Don’t pray for greatness for its without doubt a display of your ignorance. You must know this, every Rest is a potential Test. To attain greatness, you must be willing and decide to serve and not to pray. Amazingly we are admonished to Love them that hate us if we genuinely want to demonstrate love and if you will ever desire exaltation in e very area of your life, you must accept the way of Humility. So strange isn’t it? If you want to keep your life Jesus said you should be willing to loose it, if you want to receive the channel is by giving. To harvest is to sow your seed. Share.

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