Every open heaven has an eternal monument raised by men to be it’s mark and representative. Every open heaven is marked by an alter. When Jacob raised an alter, it was to be a mark of the gate of heaven but then the ladder was set from earth to Heaven. Every sacrifice respond to the alter and yet Paul said we should bring our body as a living sacrifice. Jesus shows us about 3 dimensional experiences of the human body. 1. The alter 2. The temple 3. The Heavens. After sacrifice you now become in manifestation the living tabernacle of Christ. Then from that realm you are promoted into Government with heaven. I call it partnering with God’s throne. The mystery of Governance. At this point, what you call sacrifice has become your life. Giving is not hard to do, you have access your Heavenly nature and you are now GIVING. You are no more a healer but now HEALING. May God give you understand. Love you and God bless you all. Share it, you can bless someone’s life. #HOEN#

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